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Repping Black culture in it's vibrance, power, and diversity.

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“A LEAVES" Print

Part 2 of a trio of pieces created at the same time as HER and B LEAVES, "A LEAVES" is a reminder that proper growth takes time and intentionality.

In these trying times, it is incredibly important to remember that connecting with greenery, for many of us, helps us reconnect with the self.

Bring your cozy space to life with this beautiful, leafy print.

Available in 2 styles: "A LEAVES" and "B LEAVES"


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About the Artist

"I make art for people like me and for all those who support and celebrate us." Seydee Bien-Aimé is a self-taught visual artist, born and raised in Montréal. As a queer black woman, she hasn't always felt comfortable in her blackness, queerness, or even her femininity. Though, with time and experience, she's learned to love every part of herself and chooses to celebrate her triumphs through painting. Through Art by Satiie, she makes art that represents Black culture in its vibrance, power, and diversity in order to foster a sense of empowerment, pride, and community.